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BYD B-Box Premium HVS 7.7 battery storage 7.68 kWh


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BYD B-Box Premium HVS 7.7 battery storage 7.68 kWh Capable of High-Powered... more

BYD B-Box Premium HVS 7.7 battery storage 7.68 kWh

  • Capable of High-Powered Emergency-Backup and Off-Grid Functionality
  • Highest Efficiency Thanks to a Real High-Voltage Series Connection
  • The Patented Modular Plug Design Requires no Internal Wiring and Allows for Maximum Flexibility and Ease of Use
  • Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery: Maximum Safety, Life Cycle, and Power
  • Compatible with Leading 1 and 3 Phase High Voltage Battery Inverters
  • Two Distinct Modules to Cover the Complete Range of System Sizes
  • Highest Safety Standards like VDE 2510-50

The BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS is composed of HVS battery modules that are connected in series.
Ability to scale by adding HVS modules or parallel HVS stacks later.
Additionally, direct parallel connection of up to 3 identical Battery-Box Premium HVS allows a maximum capacity of 38.4 kWh.

Technical Parameters
Model: Battery-Box Premium HVS 7.7
Battery Module: HVS (2.56 kWh / 102.4 V / 38 kg)
Number of Modules: 3
Usable Energy [1]: 7.68 kWh
Max Output Current [2]: 25 A
Peak Output Current [2]: 50 A, 3 s
Nominal Voltage: 307 V
Operating Voltage: 240~345 V
Dimensions (H/W/D): 995 x 585 x 298 mm
Weight: 129 kg
Operating Temperature: -10 °C bis +50°C
Battery Cell Technology: Lithium Iron Phosphate (cobalt-free)
Communication: CAN/RS485
Enclosure Protection Rating: IP55
Round-trip Efficiency: ≥96%
Certification: VDE2510-50 / IEC62619 / CEC / CE / UN38.3
Applications: ON Grid / ON Grid + Backup / OFF Grid
Warranty [3]: 10 Years

[1] DC Usable Energy, Test conditions: 100% DOD, 0.2C charge & discharge at + 25 °C. System Usable Energy may vary with different inverter brands
[2] Charge derating will occur between -10 °C and 0 °C
[3] Conditions apply. Refer to BYD Battery-Box Premium Limited Warranty Letter.

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BYD is a leading global manufacturer of renewable energy products. The company offers a wide range of state-of-the-art solar battery storage systems, including the well-known BYD B-Box and BYD Battery-Box models. The storage solutions are characterised by high quality, efficiency and reliability. BYD thus plays a decisive role in the integration of renewable energies into our everyday lives.