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GoodWe GW20K-ET hybrid inverter ET-Series


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GoodWe GW20K-ET hybrid inverter ET series GoodWe GW20K-ET (DC/WIFI/3P METER) The trend... more

GoodWe GW20K-ET hybrid inverter ET series


The trend towards more and more powerful PV modules influences the overall requirements of a PV system. At the forefront of development, GoodWe ET inverters efficiently meet the needs of larger residential and commercial properties with powerful backup power, peak shaving and load management for optimized autonomy and reduced energy costs. The ET series can be combined with numerous HV batteries. GoodWe's ET-plus series offers three-phase hybrid inverters for high-voltage batteries, which enable even more independence in energy supply and maximize self-consumption through intelligent control of loads and higher charging and discharging performance. The ET series has a power range of 15 kW, 20 kW, 25 kW and 30 kW. It also has a back-up function with an uninterrupted switching time.

Capable of emergency power

  • Emergency power with uninterrupted switching < 10 ms.

Highest security standards

  • Integrated surge protection type II on the DC side.
  • Protection class IP66.

Optimized energy autonomy

  • Wide battery voltage range (200 - 800V).
  • Supports dynamic active power limitation and load visualization.

Smart and efficient operation

  • Supports smart home interactions via different communication protocols.


PV string input data:
Max. PV generator power: 30000 W1)
Max. Input Voltage1): 1000 V2)
MPP voltage range: 200~850 V
Rated input voltage: 620 V
Turn on voltage: 200 V
Max. Input current per MPP tracker 30 A
Max. Short-circuit current per MPP tracker 38 A
Number of MPPTs: 2
Number of strands per MPPT: 2 / 2

Battery input data:
Battery type: Li-Ion
Battery Voltage: 500V
Battery Voltage: 200~800V
Max. Continuous charge current: 50 A
Max. Continuous discharge current: 50 A
Max. Charge Power: 20 kW
Max. Discharge Power: 20 kW

Backup Data
Backup Power Rated Apparent Output Power: 20 kVA
Max. Apparent output power3): 20000 VA (24000@60s, 32000@3s)
Max. Output Current: 30.3 A (36.4@60s, 48.5@3s)

General Data
Dimensions (W / H / D): 520 x 660 x 220 mm
Weight: 48 kg
Operating temperature range: -35 ~ 60 °C
Noise emission (normal case): < 45 dB
Communication (BMS / meter / portal): RS485, CAN / RS485 / WiFi / 4G

1)Max. Input power (W), non-continuous for 1.5* normal power.
2)For 1000 V system, the maximum working voltage is 950 V.
3)Can only be achieved if PV and battery power is sufficient.

For more information, please refer to the data sheet.

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GoodWe is a leading global manufacturer of PV inverters and energy storage solutions from China, which was even recognised as the world''s number 1 storage inverter in 2020 by Wood Mackenzie. In this regard, GoodWe offers a wide range of single-phase, three-phase solar and hybrid inverters for residential and commercial solar systems and ground-mounted systems. Well known are the inverters of the DNS, DT, SDT, MT and SBP series. GoodWe places particular emphasis on quality and has therefore received the "All Quality Matters" award six times in a row for good reason.