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Kostal Activation code for Wallbox ENECTOR

Kostal Aktivierungscode für Wallbox ENECTOR
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  • Aktivierungscode ENECTOR
Kostal Activation code for Wallbox ENECTOR To register, please tell us the serial number of... more

Kostal Activation code for Wallbox ENECTOR

To register, please tell us the serial number of the Kostal Smart Energy Meter on which the wallbox is operated.

Expandability and comfort functions

In combination with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter (KSEM) and an activation code, additional functions can be activated - for even more comfort. This includes the control of the wallbox via app in the home network as well as the monitoring and visualization of production, control, storage and use of regenerative energy via the KOSTAL Solar Portal (via the KOSTAL Solar App).

With the extended range of functions, there are the following charging modes available:

Solar Pure Mode:
Exclusively solar excess energy from the PV system is used to charge your e-vehicle. If a battery is connected, this power can also be used. In this way, self-consumption of the PV is maximized.

Solar Plus Mode:
The e-vehicle is always charged from the grid with a set minimum power; if there is excess PV at the grid connection point, this minimum power is replaced by the PV energy. If the excess at the grid connection point is greater than the minimum charging power, this will automatically adapted (if possible). The amount of the PV surplus used can be freely selected.

Power Mode:
Fast charging with maximum available power.

Lock Mode:
Blocking of the charging functions due to unintentional use.

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