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Kostal Enector, AC Wallbox 3.7/11 kW


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Kostal ENECTOR, AC Wallbox 3,7/11 kW ENECTOR, the wallbox from KOSTAL, enables you to drive... more

Kostal ENECTOR, AC Wallbox 3,7/11 kW

ENECTOR, the wallbox from KOSTAL, enables you to drive sustainably. Already wired ready for connection upon delivery, the ENECTOR is ready to go right away. The simple principle is "plug and charge". The ENECTOR from KOSTAL is compatible with a wide range of fully electric vehicles and hybrid models.

KOSTAL's fuel station for your home

The ENECTOR has a single-phase output of 3.7 kW and a three-phase output of 11 kW, with a current of up to 16 amps per phase. Whether you use it with or without a solar system, the KOSTAL wallbox charges your electric vehicle from all available energy sources.

  • Charging power up to max. 3.7kW (1 phase) / 11 kW (3 phase)
  • 7.5 m permanently connected AC charging (Type 2)
  • Status information easily readable via LED display
  • Easy to install: wired ready forconnection, simple mounting

Simply charge

Fast, battery-friendly charging is an important feature and this is just one of the great strengths of the KOSTAL wallbox. When combined with the KOSTAL Smart Energy Meter and an activation code, optional convenience functions are also available. In Power mode, ENECTOR focuses on fast charging with the maximum available power. Lock mode locks the charging function, preventing unwanted use.

The two solar charging modes, Solar Pure and Solar Plus, are particularly efficientv (can be activated with an activation code). In Solar Pure mode, vehicles are only charged with self-generated solar power. In this mode, vehicles can only be charged with the power currently available. In Solar Plus mode, the charging power is adjusted to minimise the amount of power drawn from the grid. Use of energy from a connected battery storage unit can also be taken into consideration if desired.

Simply transparent

KOSTAL monitoring via the solar portal or solar app clearly shows all power and operating states of the wallbox linked to the electric vehicle, the PV system, the battery storage unit and the power grid. This ensures an optimum overview of the production, control, storage and use of renewable energy.

Kostal ENECTOR, AC Wallbox 3,7/11 kW

General data
Charge cable: 7.5 m permanently connected AC charging (Type 2)
Size: 400 mm x 260 mm x 160 mm
Weight: 3,9 kg

Electrical data
Single-phase charging power: up to 3,6 kW
Three-phase charging power: up to 11 kW
Rated Current: 16 A


  • Extension to 5 years with simple and free registration of the ENCETOR Wallbox

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