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SMA Power Limiter I-BOX-40


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  • I-BOX-40
SMA Power Limiter I-BOX-40 Multifunction interface for SB3.0-6.0-1AV-41 and STP3.0-10.0-3AV-40... more

SMA Power Limiter I-BOX-40

Multifunction interface for SB3.0-6.0-1AV-41 and STP3.0-10.0-3AV-40

The SMA Power Limiter reliably implements grid system services for up to three inverters and thus fulfils all the prescribed requirements for active power limitation for solar systems in private homes.

Pre-configured operating modes allow the step-by-step reduction of the feed-in power in accordance with the EEG as well as fast shutdown in accordance with EN 50549-1.

With its flexible installation concept and via the RS485 connection cable supplied, the SMA Power Limiter can be easily and quickly integrated into new and existing systems.

Compatible with the following inverters:
Sunny Boy: SB3.0-1AV-41, SB3.6-1AV-41, SB4.0-1AV-41, SB5.0-1AV-41, SB6.0-1AV-41
Sunny Tripower: STP3.0-3AV-40, STP4.0-3AV-40, STP5.0-3AV-40, STP6.0-3AV-40, STP8.0-3AV-40, STP10.0-3AV-40
Not compatible
with the following devices:
SB1.5-1VL-40, SB2.0-1VL-40, SB2.5-1VL-40, SMA Energy Meter, Sunny Home Manager 2.0, SMA Data Manager M

For further technical data please refer to the data sheet


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