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Inverters by SMA Solar Technology

As a leading global expert in photovoltaic system technology, SMA is driving forward the requirements for decentralized energy supply with renewable energies. With its innovative solutions for various photovoltaic applications, SMA enables private individuals and companies worldwide to be more independent in their use of energy.

SMA offers the right device for every application: for all module types, for grid connection and feeding into stand-alone grids, for small domestic systems and commercial systems.

Solar inverters for PV systems without a storage system

For private and commercial operators of PV systems without an electricity storage system, SMA offers 1-phase and 3-phase inverters in various power classes depending on requirements.

Sunny Boy
With the Sunny Boy, you can generate your solar power intelligently. The inverter is particularly suitable for operating small PV systems in the private sector. The integrated web interface enables simple commissioning via smartphone or tablet and the integrated SMA Smart Connected service offers real all-round convenience for system operators and installers. With its low weight, the Sunny Boy is also quick and space-saving to install.
(1-phase, available as 1.5 kW / 2 kW / 2.5 kW / 3 kW / 3.6 kW / 4 kW / 5 kW / 6 kW)

Sunny Tripower
The Sunny Tripower is suitable for solar power systems in the private sector and also for smaller commercial systems. The device combines the highest inverter performance with maximum all-round convenience and offers additional integrated services such as shading solutions. It therefore meets every challenge, ensures maximum solar yields and reduces your electricity costs.
(3-phase, available as 3 kW / 4 kW / 5 kW / 6 kW / 8 kW / 10 kW)

Sunny Tripower X
The new Sunny Tripower X is the ideal solution for commercial and larger private PV systems. The integrated System Manager function with direct access to Sunny Portal powered by ennexOS monitors up to five SMA inverters and one Energy Meter. Thanks to its wide input voltage range and high input current capability, it is compatible with the latest generation of high-performance PV modules. The new housing design ensures efficient cooling of the electronic components and thus guarantees maximum service life. Commissioning can be carried out quickly and easily centrally for all devices in the system. Other features such as SMA ShadeFix increases PV yields even in partial shading, SMA ArcFix effectively detects arcs and can therefore reliably prevent fires. (3-phase, available as 12 kW / 15 kW / 20 kW / 25 kW)

Battery and hybrid inverters for PV systems with energy storage systems

SMA offers single-phase and three-phase battery and hybrid inverters in various power classes for private and commercial operators of PV systems with energy storage.

Battery inverters:

Sunny Boy Storage
The Sunny Boy Storage is the powerful SMA battery inverter for homes that want to install a home storage system. With three battery connections, even larger storage systems can be easily implemented and flexibly expanded. (1-phase, available as 3.7 kW / 5 kW / 6 kW)

Sunny Island
The Sunny Island battery inverter has already proven itself in 150,000 installations worldwide. It is suitable for both on- and off-grid operation and can be easily set up and configured via smartphone or tablet thanks to its integrated web interface and standard WLAN and Ethernet interfaces. (available as 4.4M / 6.0H / 8.0H)

Hybrid inverter:

Sunny Boy Smart Energy
The Sunny Boy Smart Energy is a PV and battery inverter in one. At the same time, heat pumps, charging solutions for electromobility and intelligent energy management can be flexibly integrated into the energy system at any time. (1-phase, available in 3.6 kW / 4.0 kW / 5.0 kW / 6.0 kW)

Sunny Tripower Smart Energy
The Sunny Tripower Smart Energy is the all-round solution for solar power supply in your own home. With the powerful hybrid inverter, you can generate, use and store your solar power. Flexible expansion of the system is possible at any time and also includes electromobility or heat pumps. The Sunny Tripower Smart Energy also has an integrated backup power function.
(3-phase, available in 5.0 kW / 6.0 kW / 8.0 kW / 10.0 kW)

SMA warranty
Out of conviction and confidence in the quality and performance of its own products, SMA currently grants an additional 5 years to the standard 5-year factory warranty when the device is registered via the SMA product registration homepage (