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Zeversolar Evershine TLC 8000 solar inverter 3phase

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Zeversolar Evershine TLC 8000 solar inverter 3phase Introduction Zeversolar believe that... more

Zeversolar Evershine TLC 8000 solar inverter 3phase


Zeversolar believe that the world would be a better place if everybody had easy access to the cleanest energy from the roof of their homes and businesses. By creating simple, easy to use, affordable and reliable inverters we are revolutionizing access to solar power and delivering financial savings to your home or business. Ideal for large residential or small commercial applications, our Evershine TLC three phase inverter with simple feed in power and monitoring functions and multiple maximum power point tracking takes the revolution from the streets to the rooftop of your home or business. 


  • Efficiency 98%
  • Max. Input Voltage 1000V
  • Graphical display
  • Multiple Maximum Powerpoint Tracking
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • RS485 communications
  • Online web monitoring via our PMU residential or commercial
  • Grid Management Functions via our PMU residential or commercial
  • Easy handling for installation and maintenance

Technical data:

Input (DC)

Recommended max. PV array power (@cos=1)1 11400W
DC Convertible power (@cos=1) 8200W
Suggested PV power ratio1 80-140%
Max. Input Voltage 1000V3
MPP Voltage range/rated input voltage 200-800V/640V
Min. Start voltage 250V
Min. Feed-in power 12W
Max. Input current per MPPT 15A/11A4
Number of MPPTs 2
Number of independent MPP inputs A:1,B:1

Output (AC)

Rated active power 8000W
Max. Apparent AC power 8800VA
Nominal AC voltage 3/N/PE220/380V,230/400V,240/415V
Nominal AC voltage range 160-280V
AC power frequency/range 50/+-5Hz
Rated power frequency/rated grid voltage 50Hz/230V
Max. Output current 3 x 13,3A
Power factor (@rated power) >0.99
Adjustable displacement power factor2 0.85 inductive ... 0.85 capacitive
Feed-in phases/connection phases 3/3
Harmonic distortion (THD) at rated output <3%


Max. Efficiency/European weighted efficiency 98%/97.5%
MPPT Efficiency 99.5%

Protective devices

DC Isolator Optional
PV Iso/Grid monitoring Yes/Yes
DC reverse polarity protection/AC short- circuit current capability/galvanically isolated Yes/Yes/-
GFCI function Yes
Protection class (according to IEC 62103)/overvoltage category (according to IEC 60664-1) I/II(DC), III(AC)

General data

Dimensions (W/H/D) 405 x 498 x 255mm
Weight 25Kg
Operating temperature range -25℃ ... +60℃/13℉ ... +140℉
Max. Operating altitude 2000m
Noise emission (typical) <45 dB(A)@1m
Self-consumption (night) <0.6W
Standby power (rated voltage) <12W
Topology Transformerless
Cooling concept Convection
Degree of protection (according to IEC 60529) IP65
Climatic category (according to IEC 60721-3-4) 4K4H
Installation Indoor&Outdoor
Mounting information Wall mounting bracket
Relative humidity (non-condensing) 0%~100%


DC connection technology SUNCLIX
AC connection technology Plug-in
Interface: RS485/Ethernet/WIFI Yes/-/-
Certificates and approvals (more available on request) CE, IEC62109-1, IEC62109-2, VDE0126-1-1/A1:2012, VDE0126-1-1:2013, VDE-AR-N 4105, AS 4777.2, AS 4777.3, AS/NZS 3100, C10/11, NEN50438, G83/2

1 Recommended value/range by Zeversolar for units under various conditions. It is mandatory to verify and consider the local environmental factors for the system design. Detailed configuration values for individual locations can be obtained from the Zeversolar planning tool Alternatively contact your local Zeversolar provider for assistance.

2 will be preset based on the different region safety requirements.

3 900V changed to 1000V will cut in end of March 2015.

4 9A changed to 11A will cut in end of March 2015.

As of January, 2015 / Technical data is subject to revisions.

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