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HT Instruments DM40


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HT Instruments DM40 Laser distance meter with 40mt range The DM40 has been designed for... more

HT Instruments DM40

Laser distance meter with 40mt range

The DM40 has been designed for measuring distances between two spots in a simple, quick and efficient manner thanks to the integrated laser pointer and to its small size which make it a fully mobile device that can be used in any conditions and for any application (construction, electric, do-it-yourself sector, etc.) in which it is necessary to measure a linear length.
This device also allows calculating areas and volumes and carrying out the indirect measurement of heights with the use of the mathematical principle of the Pythagorean theorem. Management of simple operations with the internal memory (sums and subtractions) and the presence of the backlight function of the display complete the available functions for the device.

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HT Instruments GmbH
HT Instruments is a leading European manufacturer of mobile measuring instruments for testing electrical quantities, energy and electrical installations, including PV systems. The product range includes innovative and efficient measuring and testing devices such as voltage testers, multimeters, current clamps, power analysers and thermal imaging cameras. HT Instruments also offers measuring instruments for PV installations with user-friendly operation and modern design to the highest quality standards.