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HT Instruments HV00959


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HT Instruments HV00959 Cable and wire finder with transmitter, transmitter pliers and receiver... more

HT Instruments HV00959

Cable and wire finder with transmitter, transmitter pliers and receiver with directional indication

Cable & Line Detectors 959
The SureTest® line detectors are powerful, versatile and easy-to-use testers for finding fuses, circuit breakers and hidden line faults in residential, office and industrial environments. The line finders can be used on closed (live) and open (de-energized) circuits. You will find fuses and miniature circuit breakers, interruptions and short circuits as well as cables in walls and in the ground up to max. 5m depth
The SureTest® line detectors are offered in three configurations. All cases contain the same transmitter (TR-955) and measuring cable set (TL-958EU). The kit 955 also consists of a receiver (RC-955) with a 7-digit LED display and a hard case. The Kit 957 has a receiver (RC-959) with an extra-bright, rotating OLED display and an AC/DC current display and a hard-shell case. Kit 959 also includes the upper power receiver (RC-959), an induction pliers (IC-958) with battery pack (BP-958) and a larger hard-shell case.

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HT Instruments GmbH
HT Instruments is a leading European manufacturer of mobile measuring instruments for testing electrical quantities, energy and electrical installations, including PV systems. The product range includes innovative and efficient measuring and testing devices such as voltage testers, multimeters, current clamps, power analysers and thermal imaging cameras. HT Instruments also offers measuring instruments for PV installations with user-friendly operation and modern design to the highest quality standards.