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HT Instruments Solar 300N

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HT Instruments SOLAR300N Power Quality Analyzer for checking the efficiency of photovoltaic... more

HT Instruments SOLAR300N

Power Quality Analyzer for checking the efficiency of photovoltaic systems

Multifunction device for verification of single-phase and three-phase pv system efficiency and Power Quality analysis

  • New touchscreen interface
  • Verification of the efficiency of the photovoltaic system
  • Power quality Analysis with voltage Fast Transient (5µs) measurement

SOLAR300N tests the efficiency of a single-phase and three-phase photovoltaic systems. For this kind of tests, it is necessary to guarantee simultaneity between power measurements carried out at the inverter and irradiation and temperature measurements carried out on the photovoltaic panels. HT Italia has solve this problem by creating a remote measuring device SOLAR02 which acquires the values of solar Irradiation [W/m2], panel Temperature [°C] and environmental Temperature [°C] and transfers them onto SOLAR300N, which inserts them onto the same string of power measurements an then elaborates them with the simultaneity required by the law in force.
At the end of calculation, the indication of a positive or negative result of testing appears on the display of SOLAR300N. Beside measuring and logging the efficiency of PV systems, SOLAR300N is also a powerful power quality analyzer to perform analysis according to EN50160 (harmonics, voltage anomalies, flicker, voltage unbalance, etc.). While used as a power quality analyzer, flexible clamps HTFLEX33e can be used, while in PV analyzing flexible clamps cannot be used.

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