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Sungrow SH8.0RT-V112 hybrid inverter


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Sungrow SH8.0RT-V112 hybrid inverter WiNet module and 3-phase meter are included The 3-phase... more

Sungrow SH8.0RT-V112 hybrid inverter

WiNet module and 3-phase meter are included

The 3-phase hybrid from Sungrow is ready for the future - smart energy management, emergency power function and installed faster than any other. Sungrow devices have a three-phase backup power output with up to 2.67 kW per phase. In combination with a high-voltage battery storage and a black start capability, the supply of selectively selected consumers is secured even in the event of a power failure. Up to date, this device is configured via the iSolarCloud Assistant and sends the data to the free iSolarCloud portal or iSolarCloud app via the already integrated WiFi or Ethernet interfaces.


  • Wide battery voltage range of 150-600V
  • Supports parallel connection of 2-5 hybrid inverters or 1 hybrid and 1 normal inverter
  • 100% unbalanced load possible in backup mode


  • Almost seamless transition to backup mode to protect against power failure
  • Fast charging/discharging to easily balance consumption peaks


  • High proportion of self-consumption through optimized integrated EMS
  • Free online monitoring to improve energy management for end users and installers
  • Remote firmware update and customizable settings


  • Unique connectors for a time-saving installation
  • Online commissioning with smartphone
  • Light and compact


Input (PV-DC)
Max. PV generator power: 7500 Wp
Max. Input Voltage: 1000 V
MPP voltage range: 330 V to 850 V
Rated input voltage: 600 V
Turn on voltage: 250 V
Max. PV input current 25 A (12,5 A / 12,5 A)
PV input short-circuit current 32 A (16 A / 16 A)
Number of independent MPP inputs /
Strings per MPP input:
1 / 1
Rated power (at 230 V, 50 Hz): 8000 W
Max. Apparent AC Power: 8000 VA
Rated output current: 3 x 11.6 A
Max. Output Current: 3 x 12.1 A
Battery Data
Battery type: Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Voltage: 150-600 V
Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 30 A1) / 30A 1)
Max. Charge/Discharge Power: 10600 W / 10600 W
Backup Data
Rated Voltage: 3 / N / PE, 220 Vac / 230 Vac / 240 Vac
Time to switch to emergency mode: < 20 ms
Rated output power: 8000 W / 8000 VA
Peak power output2): 12000 W / 12000 VA, 5min
General Data
Dimensions (W / H / D): 460x540x170 mm
Weight: 27 kg
Operating temperature range: -25 °C - 60 °C/td>
Noise emission (normal case): 30 dB (A)
Communication: RS485, WLAN, Ethernet, CAN, 4×DI, 1×DO
DC connection type: MC4 (PV) / Sunclix (Battery)

1)Depending on the connected battery

2) Can only be reached with sufficiently high PV and battery power

For more information, please refer to the data sheet.

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Sungrow FPV
Sungrow is a global top player among PV inverter manufacturers with over 340 GW of installed capacity worldwide. The company was founded in 1997 and is a leader in research and development of solar inverters. A dynamic technical R&D team consisting of over 3100 employees is continuously working to consolidate the company''s position as the industry''s innovation leader. The company has also invested in its own testing centre, which is approved by SGS, CSA and TÜV Rheinland. In addition to PV inverters and energy storage systems for commercial, industrial and residential projects, Sungrow is an internationally recognised partner for floating PV systems. Sungrow now supplies its products to over 150 countries. In 2019, Sungrow opened the largest inverter factory in the world. The company''s global annual production capacity reaches 305 GW, including 25 GW of overseas production. With a wide range of solutions and services, Sungrow is actively driving the provision of clean energy for everyone and striving to become the world''s leading provider of clean energy conversion technology.