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HT Instruments PQA820

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HT Instruments PQA 820 Data logger for power & network analysis up to 1000AC Functions:... more

HT Instruments PQA 820

Data logger for power & network analysis up to 1000AC


  • 4 channels for current 0.1A to 1000A AC TRMS
  • Channels for voltage 10V to 460V AC TRMS
  • Apparent, active and reactive power measurement
  • Apparent, active and reactive energy measurement
  • Measurement of cos and power factor (PF)
  • Measurement of frequency
  • Calculation of THD for voltage and current
Harmonic analysis voltage & current up to the 50th harmonic The PQA820 is a power quality analyzer for simple and comprehensive analysis of the most important parameters of the electrical system, including power consumption and energy consumption. The measurement is performed via 4 current transformers and 4 voltage inputs.

Online analysis
Thanks to the innovative concept, the PQA820 can be connected to smartphones, tablets and PDAs (iOS and / or Android), providing the user with precise, real-time information on all consumption values of the system to be measured. All electrical parameters are displayed in numerical or graphical mode including waveforms and histograms.

The large integrated memory allows for a recording period of over 30 days with e.g. 383 selected measuring parameters and a measuring interval of 10min. The PQA820 saves all 383 parameters as standard and thus avoids possible setting errors. Only the mains form (single-phase, 3-phase with N or 3-phase without N) must be selected by the user.

The PQA820 is powered by an internal Li-ion battery and an integrated mains supply via the L-N or L-L connector. The Wi-Fi and USB interfaces provide easy connection to smartphones, tablets, PDAs and PCs for instrument configuration, starting and stopping measurements, downloading data and online analysis.

The IP65-rated PQA820 (waterproof) enables outdoor use in harsh environments.

Scope of delivery:
PQA820 in a robust case (IP65), bag for accessories incl. 4 flexible current transformers 100A/1000A AC, 4 coloured safety measuring leads 4 alligator clips, evaluation & protocol software Topview, USB cable, operating instructions, ISO 9000 calibration protocol

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