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HT Instruments PQA820

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HT Instruments PQA 820 Self-powered three-phase power quality analyzer, compatible with... more

HT Instruments PQA 820

Self-powered three-phase power quality analyzer, compatible with HTANALYSIS™

PQA820 is the innovative proposal by HT to easily analyze all involved components on a three-phase or single-phase electric system.

When designing them, HT has taken particular care of three aspects: setting, the operating or storage environment and data transfer.

  • PQA820 do not need to be set. They simply need to be connected, started and they respectively record 383 and 44 quantities simultaneously.
  • They are provided with a comfortable IP65 case, which allows working in any kind of environment.
  • When recording has finished, thanks to the WI-Fi connection, the devices are capable of transferring all data onto a tablet, smart phone or PC.
Further to the Wi-Fi connection, PQA devices are provided with USB connection for transferring data via cable to the PC through the provided TopView software.

They do not need any batteries since they are auto power-supplied from the mains they are analyzing. The internal battery is automatically recharged by the input voltage and will provide the necessary energy to go on recording in case power supply is interrupted.

To make the most of the technology used by PQA820 and PQA819 we recommend using the HTanalysis App (available for free download on AppStore and Google Play) on a tablet or smart phone.

Here are some of the functions of HTanalysis:

  • Display of measured data on high-definition screen.
  • Possibility of “scrolling” through a determined waveform and immediately detecting its critical “moments”: it will be sufficient to “touch” a certain spot of the screen in which the measured signal is proposed to immediately obtain all necessary information in order to understand what happened in that spot and in that particular moment!
PQA820 respectively record 383 and 44 quantities which can be recalled and dragged onto the screen to be compared between each other; for example, if you are displaying the trend of voltages and you want to check for the possible presence of harmonic distortion, it will be sufficient to scroll through the list of recorded measures and drag the one relevant to harmonics to the screen. The same can be done for all other quantities: power, cosphi, current, energy, etc.

Everything can then be shared on HT Cloud, the web database created by HT to archive recordings and share them quickly with anyone around the world.


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