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enwitec DC-Surge Protection DEHNCube Type II, 1 MPPT, 10017264


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enwitec DC-Surge Protection DEHNCube Type II, 1 MPPT, 10017264 Why have surge protection?... more

enwitec DC-Surge Protection DEHNCube Type II, 1 MPPT, 10017264

Why have surge protection?
In relation to new construction of PV systems, Type 2 DC surge protection is required unless a lightning protection system is required, in which case Type 1+2 DC surge protection is mandatory. The decision for a combination arrester type 1+2 depends on the requirement or presence of a lightning protection system. In existing buildings with subsequent PV installation, only the PV system needs to be equipped with surge protectors, while the rest of the house remains unchanged. (Related to the requirements in Germany)

Surge protection always makes sense.
Regardless of whether lightning protection on the direct current side is legally mandatory, it also makes sense in all cases to protect your PV system and the associated investment. Overvoltage damage caused by nearby thunderstorms, for example, can cause irreparable damage to your inverter. Defects of this type are excluded in all of the manufacturer's warranty conditions known to us and in the event of damage, this will also be checked carefully. DC surge protectors can be implemented relatively easily using a generator junction box installed between the inverter and the module field.

Technical data
Number of independent MPPT inputs: 1
Type: 2
Max. Number of PV strings IN/OUT: 2/1
Product guarantee: 24 months1)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 182 x 180 x 111 mm
Manufacturer article code: 900 913
Weight approx.: 1.5 kg

Please see the data sheet for further details.

1) Further information can be found at:

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Folgende Infos zum Hersteller sind verfübar...... more
enwitec electronic GmbH
Enwitec Electronic is a family-run company that offers its expertise in the manufacture of photovoltaic connection technology and energy storage solutions throughout Europe. The product range includes the complete AC and DC connection technology for photovoltaic systems, energy storage solutions, accessories for energy storage solutions such as emergency power switching, battery fuse protection and battery cabinets as well as control cabinet construction and housing processing. With decades of experience and a strong market presence, Enwitec is a reliable partner and service provider. The focus on continuous innovation and first-class quality characterises Enwitec Electronic''s wide range of products and services.