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SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 SMA HM-20


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  • 10112-8
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  • HM-20
SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 SMA HM-20 data logger with Energy Meter The Sunny Home Manager... more

SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0 SMA HM-20 data logger with Energy Meter

The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 monitors all energy flows in the home, automatically identifies potential savings and facilitates efficient use of solar energy. It makes intelligent energy management even easier and more cost-effective by combining the functions of the Sunny Home Manager and the SMA Energy Meter in a single device starting in April 2017.

Your Benefits of SMA Sunny Home Manager 2.0

Intelligent energy management and power measurement in a single device
  • Lower system costs thanks to less components
  • Measure and control energy flows in the home based on predictive energy planning

Quick and easy installation
  • Plug-and-play configuration after installation in the switch cabinet
  • Easy installation saves time and costs
Future-proof communication lines
  • More intelligent loads integrated via standard interfaces EEBus and SEMP
  • Compatibility with cost-effective standard radio-controlled sockets facilitates control of simple loads

Compatible radio-controlled socket: Edimax SP-2101W WLAN radio-controlled socket

This WLAN radio-controlled socket disconnects the loads and measures power consumption levels, and is generally available in the online shop. Once the radio-controlled socket is registered via the Edimax App in the local area network, it will be displayed as a new device in Sunny Portal and can be added to the PV system with the Sunny Home Manger 2.0 (see Sunny Home Manger 2.0 user manual).

Note: The Sunny Home Manager 2.0 is ONLY compatible with the Edimax SP-2101W WLAN radio-controlled socket. Other WLAN radio-controlled sockets from Edimax or another manufacturer cannot currently be controlled by the Sunny Home Manager 2.0.
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