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Kaco blueplanet 8.6 TL3 M2 Inverter 3phase

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  • 30 kg
  • Kaco blueplanet 8.6 TL3
Kaco blueplanet 8.6 TL3 M2 Inverter 3-phase The blueplanet 8.6 TL3 solar PV inverter come... more

Kaco blueplanet 8.6 TL3 M2 Inverter 3-phase

The blueplanet 8.6 TL3 solar PV inverter come with 2 MPP trackers which can get to grips with all imaginable design configurations of a modular PV generator. Each MPP tracker can process the whole AC output. If you also consider the extremely wide input voltage range from 403 V to 800 V, multiple string configurations become possible.

Features Kaco blueplanet 8.6 TL3:

  • Efficiency 98%
  • Max. Input Voltage 1000V
  • Graphical display
  • Multiple Maximum Powerpoint Tracking
  • IP65 Protection Class
  • RS485 communications, datalogger and webserver
  • Easy handling for installation and maintenance

Technical data Kaco blueplanet 8.6 TL3:

Electrical data (DC)

Recommended max. PV array power (@cos=1): 8.800W
Max. Input Voltage: 1000V
MPP Voltage range: 403-800V
Min. Start voltage: 250V
Max. Input current per MPPT: 11A/11A
Number of MPPTs: 2
Number of independent MPP inputs: A:1,B:1

Electrical data (AC)

Nominal AC power: 8,600W
Nominal AC voltage: 400 V / 230 V (3 / N / PE)
AC power frequency: 50Hz
Max. Output current: 3 x 11,5A
Adjustable displacement power factor: 0,3 induktive ... 0,3 capacitive
Einspeisephasen: 3


Max. Efficiency/European weighted efficiency: 98,5%/97,1%

General data

Dimensions (W/H/D): 522 x 363 x 246mm
Weight: 30Kg
Operating temperature range: -25°C ... +60°C/13°F ... +140°F
Noise emission: <45 dB(A)
Topology: transformerless
Cooling concept: active cooler
Protection class: IP65


DC-connector: SUNCLIX
AC-connector: AC-connector
Interfces: RS485/Ethernet/USB: yes/2x/yes
Certificates and approvals (more available on request): VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE0126-1-1, ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8001, UTE C 15-712-1, G83-2, G59/3,
CEI-021, EN 50438, C10/11


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