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HT Instruments HV00955

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HT Instruments HV00955 Cable and wire finder with transmitter and receiver Cable & Line... more

HT Instruments HV00955

Cable and wire finder with transmitter and receiver

Cable & Line Detectors 955
The SureTest® line detectors are powerful, versatile and easy-to-use testers for finding fuses, circuit breakers and hidden line faults in residential, office and industrial environments. The line finders can be used on closed (live) and open (de-energized) circuits. You will find fuses and miniature circuit breakers, interruptions and short-circuits as well as cables in walls and in the ground up to a maximum depth of 5m.
The SureTest® line finders are offered in three configurations. All cases contain the same transmitter (TR-955) and measuring cable set (TL-958EU). The kit 955 also consists of a receiver (RC-955) with a 7-digit LED display and a hard case. The Kit 957 has a receiver (RC-959) with an extra-bright, rotating OLED display and an AC/DC current display and a hard-shell case. Kit 959 also includes the upper power receiver (RC-959), an induction pliers (IC-958) with battery pack (BP-958) and a larger hard-shell case.

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